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Libra Horoscope 2017

Libra Horoscope 2017According to Bhrigumantra the Libra horoscope 2017, Moon will be in 7th house; Saturn will be in your 2rd house, Rahu will be in 12st house, and Ketu will be in 6th house. Jupiter, it will be in your 10th house(Career house) during the first half of the year. It will move into your 11th house in the second phase of the year. Sun and Mercury will be in yours 3th house. Mars and Venus will be in 4th house. Your financial life, health life, career and love life, every sphere will get revealed with astrology 2017 predictions.

Health will start to improve during the second half of the year. Stress and strain will reduce and mental peace will be regained. Health may need special attention in the month of October. Filial affection and maternal blessings will remain high until, the month of October.

Spouse too, will enjoy better health during the second half of the year. The first half of the year may seem to be very serious in terms of health. Your marriage or partnership was formed a long time ago based on wedding vows, legal documents or a verbal promise. April finds you challenging that, yet it will only help you.
Love life may take the temporary back seat until, the month of June-July. If you are single and don’t wish to be, drop the idea of permanence and predictability and see who or what turns up. A change in mental attitude may introduce Right-For-Now.

Children will remain certainly in the best form and their pranks of distant tours may increase expenditure substantially. Health of children will improve further during the second half of the year. Couples opting for baby may find the month of April better to conceive.

Parent’s health will be no issue this year. Health of father will improve further since, the month of April onward. Mother on the other hand, will enjoy good health round the year. Mother will have more spiritual inclination during the first half of the year.

Job or working field will remain congenial and will improve further since, the month of August. This year may bring new opportunities of job since, the month of July onward. Job seekers may get Government assignment after, the month of June.

Business health will improve since, the month of July; however profitability may seem to be better since the month of November onward.
Income, by the grace of God will remain steady and consistent. Expense will reduce a lot since, the mid of 2017. Before you take on a new internet project, media venture, computer, phone or multimedia commitment, look at the implications in 2017, do some research and planning. There may be some unavoidable misunderstandings today. A truce begins to turn stale with no visible progress toward a resolution. Little things begin to add up again. You may have to look the other way regarding little things if you want this relationship to work out. Keep your head down and focus on the positive. Take a deep breath and give your partner the benefit of the doubt. The keyword of the day is flexibility. Don’t get too upset if things don’t go your way. Take some time out to notice the beauty of your surroundings.

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