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Leo Horoscope 2017

Leo Horoscope 2017According to Bhrigumantra the Leo horoscope 2017, Moon will be in 9th house; Saturn will be in your 4th house, Rahu will be in 2rd house, and Ketu will be in 8th house. Talking about Jupiter, it will be in your expenditure house (12th) house, during the first half of the year.  It will move into your 1st house in the second phase of the year. Sun and Mercury will be in yours 5th house. Mars and Venus will be in 6th house. You’re going to be rich (eventually) as you either save a fortune with your house, flat, business or possessions, or plug into an incredible new source of money, from August 2017.

Health will remain fine; however little declination might be felt in the months of October and November respectively. This will be one of the best years for all round prospect in every aspects of life altogether. A lot of ambition will come into fruition one after another this year on or before, the month of November.

Spouse will have good health; however lower parts of the body should be taken care of until, the month of October. Expenditure of spouse may increase remarkably during the second half of the year; however income will be geared up since, the month of June onward.

Love life should remain satisfactory during this year excluding the months of November and December respectively. If you are single you could easily begin an affair, or a parenthood-potential relationship, with someone who has Saturn or Capricorn dominating his/her horoscope.

Children will have good health and will start to improve since, the month of June onward. Academic progress of the children will be outstanding. Couples opting for baby may find the months of first half 2017 better to conceive.
Parents will have good health; however mother will be seen in a better condition than father. Health of father will improve gradually since, the month of August onward.

Job or employment field will remain congenial this year. The months of July and August will be glorious for job as well as for the new job seekers. Working field may remain shabby in the month of October.

Business health will remain well; however extra investment might be required for its expansion and growth in future. Income will soar high until, the month of June. Expenditure may rise a bit since, the month of August.
The Lion begins the year in a frustrating place. You are close enough to see the problem, but can’t quite reach far enough to correct it. The better informed you are, the more impatient you become. The more questions you ask, the more disappointed you become with the answers. Be careful what advice you reject, Leo horoscope 2017. When all is said and done, the missing piece might end up in the garbage if you are not careful. Remember, you ultimately control what happens 2017.Don’t take on too much with (or for) that child in your life as you will be over-committing yourself to plans which will be hard to get out of. This applies to youth projects or roles. You will have the trip (or head trip) of a lifetime this year as you either fall in love with a brand new part of the world, or start a project which plugs you into other countries.

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