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What effects of The Lunar Eclipse 25/26 April on 12 sign?

What effects of The Lunar Eclipse 25/26 April on 12 sign?

moonA lunar eclipse occurs on a full Moon night when the Sun, our Earth and the Moon all three come in a line. But this does not happen on every full Moon and happens only when the Sun comes close to one of the nodes viz. Rahu or Ketu and the Moon comes close to the other node. Whether the eclipse is total or full or it is partial depends upon the degree of closeness of the Sun and the Moon with the nodes.
The shadow of the earth where the light of the Sun is totally blocked is shown dark in the above sketch and is called Umbra. On both sides of Umbra are areas where the Sun’s light is partially blocked and these are Penumbra.

Partial Lunar Eclipse Occurs on 25th/26th April 2013 …

The Lunar eclipse occurring on the mid night of 25th/26th April 2013 will be a partial lunar eclipse, which occurs when only a part of the Moon enters the umbra portion. The eclipse timing will be as under. Partial Lunar Eclipse Occurs on 26th April 2013
In India From astrological point of view during this eclipse the Moon will be in the zodiac sign of Libra and constellation (Nakshatra) Swati.Since the eclipse takes place in the Swati Nakshatra therefore for effects of the eclipse we should consider the time period for which the Moon will be in Swati Nakshatra viz. from 4:35 PM of 25th April 2013 till 2:31 PM of 26th April 2013.
What effects of The Lunar Eclipse on 12 sign?
Aries: The lunar Eclipse25th April occurs in your 7th house indicating your family needs your comforting words and presence. Success on your part will save a lot for you. Fame and social recognition are likely to come hard even after putting-in best efforts. You are very health cautious. Romance may be a risky this week due to lack of patience. Some disappointment is likely to be felt at work due to lack of information.
Taurus: 25th April due to the eclipse influence. The lunar eclipse on 25th stimulates your 6th house and brings hidden issues around work/ health matters to the fore. Pushing too far and too aggressively might lead to losing the right direction. Health may need more than the usual attention. However, you are also likely to entertain yourself hard, while your friends get all the recognition they wanted and this may make you feel even more disgusted at yourself. You are also susceptible to make new enemies during this phase. Take care of your health as you are susceptible to develop problems in the digestive as well as the respiratory system.
Gemini: The lunar eclipse on 25th triggers your solar 5th house indicating possibility that surprises are in the offing in romantic matters – like a close friend suddenly expressing romantic interest, children-related matters. Matters are black or white – there are no grey shades here. If you are into business and trade you may face a few difficulties in closing any profitable deal. The Lunar Eclipse will stimulate you to think about pursuing the things you enjoy in life, not in a flippant way but on a more serious level. If you are planning to go abroad, you may have to go through a few obstacles before you get the green signal for your trip.
Cancer: the lunar eclipse on 25th April happens on your solar 4th house indicating surprises/ developments on the home front needing your attention or grabbing it anyway. Physically you may feel down and your eyes may create problems during this particular time. This could manifest as completion of a housing project, taking decisions for the welfare of parents, or relocation to home land. A general feeling of discontentment may prevail during this phase. Be careful with your money. This is the time when you must take care of your relationship with your close ones as this period may incur enmity with them.
Leo: The lunar eclipse on April 25th stimulates your solar 3rd house, that will have your active participation, an adventurous decision taken by you giving good results, or culmination of some writing project (if you are creatively/ intellectually inclined) giving you recognition and enhanced reputation. Feed your needs for self-expression and self-improvement by indulging in adventurous activities, new learning activities, research on subjects that hold your interest, or by embarking on interesting journeys to exotic locales. Watch out and avoid anything that may make you unstable in your temperament.
Virgo: Lunar eclipse on April 25th triggers your 2nd house indicating that you may need to focus your energy on changing spending habits or finding new ways to augment finances. Be careful with finances, as there a tendency to loss of wealth in these few days. On the home front, be careful with relations as you may develop unnecessary enmity with your relatives. You may also have to take care to maintain your respect and honor.
Libra: The Lunar Eclipse occurs this week in your sign, bringing much change to your life during the next 6 months. It will bring to a head the need to consider commitments you should make. Carefully guard any mentally tendencies to act out of frustration or stress, as this may backfire on your reputation. Obstacles in your work place may come up, but stick on, as these are of temporary nature. Partners at work and loved ones at home will be able to appreciate the effort you take and the concern you show. There will be a lot of pressure coming from others, giving you the sense that much is being taken out of your hands. You need to be serious.
Scorpio: As the lunar eclipse on 25th triggers your solar 12th house, you will strive to strike a balance between spiritual and mundane concerns, but this balance might not be apparent to others; the developments are most likely to be internal and offer you intrinsic satisfaction. Mentally you may become restless and distressed. Some of you may clear long-standing debts and experience the resultant emotional freedom and relief. Expenses may increase. Take care of your riches as you are susceptible of losing something valuable
Sagittarius: The lunar eclipse on 25th April falls on your friendship sector indicating that this could be a time for reevaluating friendships/ associations – and circumstances will develop in a way that the true friends will stand out from the pretenders. The Lunar eclipse through the eleventh house denotes financial gains. This period would help you increase your income and gain riches. There is much to enjoy. You are likely to feel on top of the world regardless of how things are developing in your life –because at this point in your life you will derive intrinsic joy from everything you do.
Capricorn: The Lunar Eclipse occurs this week in your career house. The eclipse on 25th might bring work-life/ home-responsibility conflict to the fore for some of you, and developments on the career front may require you to change tack in some way in the near future. Think before going forward with your plans as you may indulge in doing unjust deeds and get carried away with your power or position of authority. Do not get wrapped in unnecessary conflicts with anybody particularly at this time.
Aquarius: The lunar eclipse on April 25th triggers your solar 9th house indicating possibility of sudden journeys, interesting spiritual insights, or mystic experiences. You will find great value in exchanging ideas with like-minded others, and will take bold decisions while helping out others who reach out for your assistance. Fame and social recognition are likely to come hard even after putting-in best efforts. Avoid any kind of disagreements or fights with your children.
Pieces: Lunar eclipse on 25th brings unpaid debts and power dynamics in relationships to a head (debts include emotional debts – favors we owe others) on your solar 8th house. Resolution of these matters now might be crucial for your well-being in the future. Empower yourself by freeing yourself off emotional and material debts. If you avoid impulsive actions and harsh speech things could very well be in your favor. This period portends trouble and obstacles in your everyday life. This period may bring along peril and untoward happenings. Monetarily also this period may prove to be challenging.
Look at your birth chart, if there is a benefice planet in the Libra sign then this eclipse will be favorable to you and give positive results pertaining to the matters of the house concerned. If there is a malefic planet in the Libra sign then this eclipse will be unfavorable and give you some mentally trouble to you.
If in your birth chart the natal Moon is in Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius or Capricorn sign then this eclipse will be favorable to you and give positive results pertaining to the house in which Moon in your chart is placed.
If in your birth chart the natal Moon is in Arise, Gemini, Cancer, Aquarius, and Virgo sign then then this eclipse will not be favorable to you.
Then you need not have any fear in the mind and only follow the following suggestions:
Avoid taking any important decisions. If it is not avoidable then weigh all pros and cons of a situation and only after detailed analysis of the matter take any decision.

Take a refreshing bath and sit calmly in a peaceful place and recite at least 108 times the mantra, “Om NamahaShivaye”or “Om Namo Bhagvatey Vaasudevayenamaha ”.

Avoid arguments or discussions with anyone and in particular your life partner, business partner or your boss.
During the above period avoid investing money in any project or lending it to others if possible.
On the morning of 26th April 2013 after sunrise give alms of UN-boiled milk or white clothes to a needy person, or specific goods according to your sign.
Make a practice of feeding a part of your daily meal to a cow and a stray dog. This will cure you of any illness and keep you healthy.