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Transit of BRAHSPATI-JUPITER in 2013

Jupiter Transit is happening on Wednesday May 30, 2013 at 8:32:07 PM IST as per Krishamurti Panchangam. Guru Peyarchi is happening on Thursday May 31, 2013 at 6:46:34 am IST as per Lahiri Panchang. Dev. Guru Brahspati (Jupiter) is entering from Taurus (vrishabha ) Rashi to Gemini ( Midhuna ) Rashi. Jupiter is going Retrograde on Nov 07, 2013 and then going direct on Mar 06, 2014.
Jupiter being the King of the Hindu New Year, Vijaya Nama Samvatsara (2013-14), will Give good as well as bad effect, will make majority of the people respect law and justice.. Politicians and administrators will also try to be truthful. Religious and spiritual gurus will increase and so will their followers. People will spend money and time on celebrating festivals, religious rituals, and family get together, promoting cultural act ivies, literature and cinema. Education will become more expensive and so will be book publishing.
Money will be spending heavily on religious preaching’s, publicity and conversions.
Writers, artists, film makers will find new horizons and hope.
Gold rate will increase. Finance and Banking sectors will grow.
Young entrepreneurs will find investors and many new businesses will flourish.
Jupiter is considered most auspicious Star and generally gives good effect, but due to its placement in basic Horoscope and its position in Go char it also gives bad effects also. Transit Guru (peyrachi) will be excellent time for the following Rashis:
1. Aquarius
2. Sagittarius
3. Libra
4. Taurus
5. Leo
This Guru transit would be very bad the following rashis:
1. Capricorn
2. Scorpio
3. Gemini
4. Aries
5. Virgo
Jupiter transit is considered as very important in astrology since major events do happen only when ruling planets are favorable.Jupiter is the blessing planet because He holds with Him all that which we consider as blessing in the form of guidance. To be guided is to be blessed. Jupiter is the Guru, equal to God, always Good, guiding people through His agents. Jupiter is the indicator of wealth and hence called the Dhanakaraka. Jupiter is completely a Benefic Planet and Jupiter strength is very important to achieve success in life especially in marriage, birth of a new child, change in Job, buying new home, success in education or career, foreign travel, etc.
In Go char Jupiter gives very good result when its placement is in 2,5,7,9,11 house from RASHI-sign ,and gives dad effects when comes in 1.4,8,12 house, and one feels disturbance ,failure ,unwanted transfer ,unnecessary blames and loss of money . Even though you are running weak Maha dasa and Bukthi period, if Jupiter is favorable, it will minimize the malefic impacts during its transit and try to do good things on your life. If Jupiter is not good position, it is better to stay away from speculative investments and making any hasty decisions. Especially for Capricorn and Scorpio rashis, it is going to be very hectic time for the next 12 months. They have to be more careful since they just crossed a benefic Jupiter aspect in the last one year. With this change TULA ,DHANU ,KUMBH ,VRISH ,and SINGH RASHIS people will gain in every field ,This gain will be more effective if placement in basic horoscope is good .But on other hand people with MESH , MITHUN ,KARK , VARISHK ,MAKAR ,and MEEN RASHI, may suffer and have face lots of trouble and trouble will be more serious if placement of JUPITAR in basic horoscope is not good ,it means if it is NEECH ,VAKRI ,OR is in 6,8,12 houses ,Such people should do remedies to avoid unnecessary loss and tension. Kumba rashi people are the most fortunate people with this transit. Dhanu rashi people might have had sudden collapse in the recent past and that will get corrected with this transit.