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Sun Transit in Aries

Sun Transit in Aries

SUN enters ARIES on April 14th morning

Sun Sign Aries Starts from April 14 till May 13th and not as per Western Calendar. Sun i s transiting (moving) into Aries and going to experience exaltation on 14/04/14.. Sun turns exalted once a year and it would be radiating its complete brilliance for a month’s time. Sun’s exaltation is benefit for Aries, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius ascendants. Sun represents authority, boldness, decisiveness, father, government, boss, or anyone in authority who can influence one’s life for good/bad. These significations are likely to gain the center stage during this transit.
This date marks Sun’s entry in the Aries Sun Sign. The 1st degree of Aries is very powerful for strong planets like Sun and Mars. The transition from last degree of water ruled Pisces Sun to 1st degree of FIRE ruled Aries Sun is the most dramatic changes in the zodiac. It shows high degree of desire of the soul to make a difference. This is a good time to impress a boss or colleague with your broad range of knowledge. A raise or promotion may be in the works if you are in the right place at the right time for Aries. Career ambition is pronounced and there is a tremendous initiative and positive attitude. As Sun is in this cardinal (Sanskrit “char”) sign, it shows a busy nature, always working on something or doing something. There is a Marsian energy & drive in this date which is pure and un-adulterated. Of course the date of 14 shows a very good ability to express. This means Virgo Moon sign needs to handle matters with seniors, govt, police, father with tact and diplomacy.Sun is so powerful in Aries Sign that it is given exalted status. Forthright, aggressive, action prone, positive attitude Aries Sun will always find success no matter what! There is always this sense of urgency and aggression and a hurry to finish things quickly. The goal & final destination is lot more important than the fun of the journey unless there is a great Venus influence in the chart with Moon or the Ascendant. For the rest of the ascendants, results would be based upon the position of the Sun in the horoscope.

In Aries, the Sun is enthusiastic and spontaneous. We are motivated by the desire to conquer. The sun is after all in your sign, and self-realization is crucial for you. It is an explosive time creatively and perhaps also romantically, and you are inclined to really go out on a limb for a relationship. People do tend to come with ultimatums at this time, and are not inclined to listen to reason, so choose your territory and make your stand.

The worst thing you can do right now is get ahead of yourself, Taurus. Remember your humble beginnings before you get ready to speak. It seems that for other people many things seem to be out of control in April, but for you things need not be so, and there are some great opportunities. It is a good idea to take a long, hard look at convictions and ideologies that need to be abandoned or changed at this time. People’s beliefs cause too much trouble and you can be instrumental in preventing conflict.

Get ready for that light bulb to flash on over your head today, Gemini. You are deeply moved when you finally hear what someone has been telling you for a long time. It is a time when you can implement creativity and media skills in what you do. Things fall nicely into place in your career, even if you are not in the strongest position to call the shots. Other peoples struggles will have to go on without you; this is a meditative time for you, when you strive to identify with inner values that will enrich your life.

You want to be all things to all people, but do you really have the time or the energy? Some lessons have to be learned over and over again before they really stick. At this time someone may come back into your home or local environment who you may have had some trouble with before. It is not that you can’t handle it – you are easily on top of proceedings – but people do tend to be irrational and the second half of April requires that you show leadership and don’t get pushed around. It’s a delicate balance because you don’t want to compromise on your ideas, but you also have to be fair.

your expansive mood makes you difficult to hate. Your charming ways tend to smooth over any of the bitterness you tend to inflict unintentionally. Savor the sweetness of victory now, just in case it spoils later.At work, the possibility arises to mix business with pleasure. Tread carefully! April is a month when you assert your opinions and fight for your rights, but you will encounter opposition, which you however easily overcome. This signals a period of exciting new learning experiences and travel, and it is also a time when relationships are important, particularly if you are on the move.

Your responsibilities are calling to you, Virgo, so don`t put them off any longer. You must take care of business today, no matter how distasteful. If a stack of unpaid bills threatens to fall on top of you, take a break and do errands. At this time you are no longer willing to compromise and you are more likely to confront the people with who you are intimately involved, seeking truth and clarity. Truth is a good thing, but your style may be rather provocative, so you may not get the results you want. Avoid provocations and ultimatums, which may simply come because of irrational anxiety.
7 The focus moves on to issues in your daily life, which you would like to concentrate on and improve. Other people are eager to see you act on your well-known ideas. Wisdom becomes useless without empirical proof. Get out there and generate some data. Doing some research is a good place to start. Whilst you can expect good developments at work, other people you are closely involved with may be having a harder time dealing with unpredictable events and disruption, which in turn can affect harmony in your relationships. Focus on what you know needs to be done, rather than worrying about what may happen ahead.

Just because it glitters doesn`t mean that it`s gold. It`s in your best interest to be wary of persuasive people with lots of glib ideas but no facts. Someone with no visible agenda challenges you to open your mind, Decisions that you have been putting off need to be made, and at time when your influence is not that strong and you are rather dependent on other people. Family and partners are supportive, but it is your own inner demons that you have to struggle with, and this can affect your daily life and work in particular. This sense of being alone with important decisions to be made, and one issue you may have to deal with is related to a charismatic leader at work who wants to create transformation and change. Being in opposition can focus your mind on exactly what you want to do and the course of action you need to take.

As the Stars change their position, you feel the massive pull of some powerful forces. Deep and wonderful patterns become obvious to you. Powerful insights allow you to make great decisions. It is an excellent time for long-distance travel or for getting involved with people who inspire you to think and act outside the box. But don`t feel obligated to do so until you`ve done your homework. Not dealing with it is actually a way of dealing with it in a roundabout way. Sometimes doing things the easy way isn`t much better than not doing them at all. There is a focus on both friendship and romance.t rust your instincts and everything will go well.

Take a look around to see if the scenery has changed recently. You may be moving faster than you think in an unexpected direction. Double-check your guiding vision to ensure that it remains practical focus on discipline and structure to guarantee your eventual success. Partners on the other hand have a completely different agenda as April begins, as they explore new freedoms that may seem rather impulsive or disruptive in your mind. People you love help soften you up a bit and awaken you to the magic of existence

You`re in a grand mood, Aquarius, and all seems right with the world. Even the smallest things that people say make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You love controversy, so this should be right up your alley. This is a time of rapid new learning and new methods, which can revolutionize the way you think for a long time to come. Don`t let it get out of hand, though — make sure you do your job as the moderator. Ideologically, expect to meet some people with rather extreme views. If you find people arguing rather too intensely, as if their lives depended on the outcome, then you are justified in feeling rather suspicious. Travel may also be on the agenda, or partners may travel, and there can be a very stimulating input from new international horizons. There are really excellent trends in your working life, and both colleagues and mentors can make a wonderful contribution to your success and achievements over the next two or three months.

Pay close attention to all of the warning signs alongside the road today. Head-on collisions can be easily avoided when you see the signals. Anger and ego demand satisfaction, but remember that it never lasts very long. Nevertheless this is an uncertain month where you cannot quite be sure if you will have the resources to pursue your dreams. But you have to take leap of faith if you want to achieve a vision. This is something that can affect your sense of safety or security. It is also possible that there is disruption connected with a transformation taking place in a group you are affiliated with, which can be rather acute around last week of April.