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Significance of Karwa Chauth Fast

Significance of Karwa Chauth Fast

Karwa Chauth is a celebration which is seen by Hindu ladies for the long-life of their spouses. This celebration is celebrated with extraordinary energy and force and the whole nation sets up in the festive mood in spite of the regional variations. Praised only nine days earlier Diwali, the celebration falls on the fourth month of Karthik according to the Hindu timetable. In the name Karwa Chauth, “Karwa” implies an earthen pot with a gush and “Chauth” implies fourth. Despite the fact that celebrated with ceremony, Karwa Chauth really implies the solid will of a lady, who stays without taking nourishment or water for a whole day, for the long-existence of her better half. This celebration fortifies the adoration between wedded couples. Karwa Chauth pujas are directed around the same time, where Karwa Chauth legends are described to a gathering of ladies by a “pujarin” or elderly ladies. Among every one of the customs, the most important part of Karwa Chauth is, without a doubt, the quick. Scroll further and discover additionally fascinating realities about the Karwa Chauth Fast.


As indicated by the Hindu religion, people take a stab at self-acknowledgment and work towards the accomplishment of God in every one of their strolls of life. During one get joined to God and get edified. Consequently, this gets to be flawless time to appeal to God for the wellbeing, thriving and prosperity of their significant other amid this time. Fasting amid the day helps in building up discretion and core interest. It is thought to be the ideal method for poise. Fasting teaches in you a feeling of committed love as well as, self-restraint. It is a sort of preparing given to the body and brain to withstand all hardships and make you sufficiently solid to hold on under extraordinary troubles.



Married women start their fast from sunrise and stays without consuming food and water until moon rise. They set themselves up for the Fast by eating a pre-day break meal i.e. SARGI. After she has had sargi, ladies don’t eat or drink anything for whatever remains of the day. The mornings are normally enjoyed group social events, putting henna (Mehandi) on hand and feet and so forth. In the evening, they take bath, get arranged in full make-up and well dressed and get together with the group ladies to take an interest in the ceremony. They do puja with lots of preparations, hear Karwa Chauth katha, sing songs so on. Karwa Chauth katha plays very important role in karwa chauth Fast because In this Katha, We get to know the importance of karwa chauth and why it had been started some years ago. For all the Ritual and Origin of Karwa Chauth Katha. Read more:-


Some Tips To Follow While Fasting:

Don’t over eat at the time of opening the fast at night. Drink lots of water and eat healthy before you begin your fast.

It is not advisable to fast if you are put under any medication related to health problems.

Don’t indulge in any sort of exercise during your fast. It will make your body weak.

The above write-up is a complete guide to Karwa Chauth fast. Now, prepare yourself for Karwa Chauth fast and be part of this festival.