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Justin Bieber’s Birthday

Justin Bieber’s Birthday

Name: Justin Bieber
Born: March 1, 1994,
Time: 12:56 AM
Place: Stratford, Ontario (Canada)
Sun Sign: Pisces
AS: Scorpio
Moon Sign: Libra
Dominants: Scorpio, Pisces, Aquarius
Pluto, Venus, Sun
Numerology: Birth path: 9

Astrology View of Natal Chart for Justin Bieber. Ascendant in Scorpio and Sun in Pisces:

In your natal chart, the three most important signs are in decreasing order of strength Scorpio, Pisces and Aquarius. In general, these signs are important because you’re Ascendant or your Sun is located there. But this is not always the case: there may be a cluster of planets, or a planet may be near an angle other than the mid heaven or Ascendant. Although you have very strong feelings and you often react to situations passionately .you are basically very tender and soft-hear ted. There are at least two sides to you: a rather jealous and guarded side, and a much more lenient, generous, and forgiving side.
With Scorpio as a dominant sign, you are a strong and astute person, complicated and passionate, sometimes destructive and intolerant, but strong-willed, tough and daring, sometimes bordering on aggressive. So many qualities and dangers combined in one person! Obviously, this often results in a natural selection of people around you: those who stand up to you or admire you and those who can’t bear you anymore! But that is precisely what you want. You are too proud and you never dread confrontations, although your way of fighting is secret, like your nature that, mysteriously enough, you are so reluctant to reveal even to your close friends who will never understand you.
The lord of Pisces is Jupiter; a person born in Pisces will have mediocre height, beautiful physique, beautiful eyes, will be placid and handsome. you will be respected, polite and with a pleasant nature, devoted to God and parents, religious minded. Pisces is among your dominant signs and endows your personality with unlimited sources of emotions, dreams, imagination, and sensitivity, to the extent that you literally swim in a cloudy ocean of delightful impressions. These impressions are so intense and overwhelming that you don’t really need to take action concretely, to show your dynamism or your willpower. Besides, you feel compassion for people in pain -empathy is one of your great qualities. Thanks to your flexibility, your intuition, and your generosity, you may spend an important part of your life helping others.
Aquarius is one of the most important signs in your natal chart: it endows your personality – at least one of its facets – with originality, to the point of eccentricity, in spite of a sometimes distant and humane side. Saturn’s seriousness and impassivity is added to Uranus’ rebellion, talent, individualism, extravagance, and unpredictability! One of your main characteristics is that you never open up on a personal basis, but you tend to do so easily in public. You are actually quite strange. Sexy and charming in public, despite your nice and sociable character, you could frustrate many of your admirers in private because of your impossibility to show deep and warm affection, emotions, tears… But appearance and reality are two different things anyway – you are a kind of a genius, or you have at least a tremendous charm with this sign. You have many friends and an active social life.
However, you tend to give indiscriminately, to let others take advantage of your kindness, and to encourage the weak to remain so by becoming dependent upon you. Moderation and self-discipline are not your strong points.
You are a lover and a peacemaker rather than a fighter, and you try to avoid open conflict. You tend to lack the positive fighting spirit that is sometimes necessary to overcome challenges. Your gifts may also lie in the realm of the creative, artistic, or musical, for you have a great sensitivity, inspiration, and limitless imagination. You respond very strongly to beauty and to love.
Your faults include a tendency to be lazy and negligent, and to wallow in self-pity rather than taking strong, definite action to change your life for the better. A lack of warmth (either physically, emotionally, or both) may be evident in you, which can show itself physically as a low energy level, paleness and lack of color in the skin, or a tendency to be easily chilled, and emotionally as a marked coolness or joyfulness, or enthusiasm for Living. Overall analysis of the chart enables us to figure out the personality’s main features and to emphasize several points that are confirmed or not in the detailed analysis: This description is far from being comprehensive but it can shed light on his personality, which is still interesting for professional astrologers or astrology lover, or fans.