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Dussehra- A day to celebrate the victory of good over evil

Dussehra- A day to celebrate the victory of good over evil

Dusshera also known as Vijayadashmi and is one of the main festival of Hindus. The 10th day after Navratri is called Dussehra, on which number of fairs is organized throughout northern India, burning effigies of Ravana), his son and brother( Meghnadh and Kumbhakarna) are set to fire. In the eastern parts of the country, Vijayadashmi marks the end of Durga Puja. In other parts of the country, the day is celebrated to remember Lord Ram’s victory over Ravana, to mark the triumph of good over evil, and is known as Dussehra . The Ram Lila an enactment of the life of Lord Rama is held during the nine days preceding Dussehra. The word Dussehra comes from the word DUS meaning “Ten” and HARA meaning “annihilated”. So Dusshera is the day in which the ten facts of evil were destroyed. Each festival that is celebrated in India has its own importance; Dussehra is also one of them. This festival is celebrated in every nook and corner of India with full zeal and enthusiasm.

Vijaya Dashami is celebrated on Ashweyuja sukla Paksha Dashami. This celebration starts from Navratri and ends with the tenth day festival of “Dussehra”. Navratri and Dussehra is celebrated throughout the country at the same time, with varying rituals, but with great enthusiasm and energy as it marks the end of scorching summer and the start of winter season. This year Vijaya Dashami is celebrated on Saturday the 30th, September 2017. The Dashami Tithi will begin from 23:50 pm on 29th September 2017 and it will end at 1:36 am on 1st October 2017.

It is a celebration of victory of good over evil. This day is known as Vijaya Dashami because it is on Vijaya Dashami that Rama Killed Ravana. Who had abducted goddess Sita to his kingdom of Lanka.Lord Rama was a great believer in the powers of goddess Durga, and he prayed to her for nine days before he himself entered the battle on the tenth day. It also believed that Ravan had ten faces they are probably symbol of ten evils. Hence on Vijaya Dashami it is also a custom to worship vehicles, instruments, machines etc. Every instrument or machine of the factory is worshipped and kept idle for the day. Puranas also opined that on this day warrior Goddess Durga defeated and killed the buffalo demon Mahishasura.

Dussehra is one of the most auspicious dates of the year. It is an Abhuj Muhurta. This year it comes with Ravi yoga and Sarvarth siddhi yoga. Taking up new projects and inaugurating any business is considered auspicious on this day. Purchasing any new vehicle, electronic item, gold and clothes on this day is also considered auspicious.Hence lot of people would start any new business or venture on Vijay Dashami.

Vijaya Dashami is one of the biggest festivals that are celebrated in India and it is a national holiday on Vijaya Dashami. In burning the effigies the people are asked to burn the evil within them, and thus follow the path of truth and goodness, bearing in mind the instance of Ravana, who despite all his might and majesty was destroyed for his evil ways. Dussehra is a symbol of sacrificing all the evil deeds, anger, ego, violence etc. People achieve happiness in all spheres of life by worshiping on this day.

May this Dussehra burn all your worries with Ravana and bring you and your family loads of happiness.

On the happy occasion of Dussehra, we pray that Lord Ram fills your life with lots of happiness, prosperity and success. Happy Dussehra 2017!