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Annular Solar Eclipse of10 May 2013

Annular Solar Eclipse of10 May 2013

solar21Surya Grahan 2013 or solar eclipse in 2013 will occur two times, one is on May 10 and other one is on November 3. The first annular solar eclipse on May 10 will hit zodiac sign Aries, and the second total solar eclipse on November 3 will occur at Libra.It would be an annular eclipse of magnitude 0.95 which means that at the moment of greatest eclipse 95% of the Sun would be hidden by the shadow of the moon. This Grahan (Eclipse) will begin at 2:55 pm, peak at 5:50 pm and end at 8:55 pm. Total duration will be of 1hr 35 minutes. Sutak of Grahan (Eclipse) will begin from Thursday sunrise.
During annular eclipse the shadow of the moon forms a circular ring around the Sun. The duration of annularity, the time when the Sun would look like a circular ring, would last for 6 minutes and 3 seconds. The annular eclipse would be visible from a 171 to 225 Km wide track which would traverse through Australia, eastern Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and the Gilbert Islands. While the partial About Using Eclipse Map. An annular solar eclipse will cross Cape York on the morning of 10 May 2013. The eclipse will start at sunrise in Western Australia; move over Northern Territory in the region of Tennant Creek and cross Cape York before heading out towards Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Ocean.
People across the globe, especially in India really consider the day of Surya Grahan seriously. They are always keen to know when the next Surya Grahan is. This curiosity is because of some beliefs attached to solar eclipse that enforce people ‘what to do’ or ‘what not to do’ on the event of Surya Grahan. People always keep on searching the coming auspicious or ominous changes due to this occasional event. It is not hidden that eclipses really bring changes not only in that particular time, but also in life of mankind. As per Hindu convictions, beginning or performing any good work during Surya Grahan is not considered good. It has been analyzed that both the Surya Grahan 2013 will be visible in some countries only, but not in India. Annular Solar Eclipse May 10 2013 (Chaitra Krishna Amavasya) not seen in India, there are no malefic effects or influence of Solar eclipses.
Now many people aspire to know what ‘Surya Grahan’ is. Solar eclipse is called Surya Grahan in Hindi. It is seen when the Moon passes in middle of Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partially obscuring or hiding the reflection of the Sun. An annular solar eclipse is seen when the Moon’s apparent diameter is smaller than the Sun. It causes the Sun to look like a ring and blocks most of the Sun’s light.
It is apparent now that first surya grahan 2013 will occur in Aries sign and another will occur in Libra sign. Surya grahan 2013 in sign Aries and Libra means people born with these signs will experience notable changes near the time of eclipses. Changes can either be auspicious or unfavorable due to eclipses in their signs. People of other signs may also get targeted under attack or malefic influence of eclipses.
Legend:Going by ancient astrological beliefs, Rahu and Ketu are malefic planets. Legend has it that once there was a strife between Rahu (Asura ) and the Devatas (Gods ) both wanting to claim “Amrit” for immortality. When Vishnu dressed as Mohini seduced Rahu by her charm and stole the amrit from him, Rahu decided to trick the Devatas and get back ‘Amrit”. So, he disguised himself as a Devta and waited for his turn to get a drop of ‘Amrit’ . To his disappointment Surya and Chandra recognized him, Vishnu chopped Rahu’s head whereby he was divided into two Grahas – Rahu and Ketu . However to take a revenge against Surya and Chandra , Rahu decided to cast a shadow on both , which is what we know as Surya and Chandra Grahan. It is this legend that gives rise to the traditional belief that ‘Grahan Kaal” is an inauspicious period during which evil forces are active, especially harmful for pregnant woman.
What to do during Surya Grahar(Solar eclipses)
There are innumerable convictions or myths that are associated with Surya Grahan. For Hindus, occasion of Surya Grahan (eclipse) is not acknowledged good or auspicious. They feel that eclipse strongly hits the zodiac signs of particular houses in native’s chart to show changes. And the person who comes in contact with Surya Grahan certainly faces notable changes either good or bad. But in most of the cases, Grahan endows bad or unfavorable results. So it is always better to follow rituals to protect yourself from malefic effects or influence of eclipses.
You can donate or offer things such as clothes, meals to needy people.
>Donating food to animals or feeding birds is also auspicious.
During Grahan time, you can chant Surya mantra “Om hram hreem hroum sah suryaya namah” or can also chant Gayatri Mantra.
During Surya Grahan, one should always avoid eating food.
Do not prepare anything new in food during grahan.
Avoid already prepared food before or during grahan time
Once the period of grahan is over one should take bath and should take fresh food.
Pregnant women are most sensitive to get adverse effect of grahan or eclipse effect on pregnant women is always worse.
With all eclipses, something ends and something else begins. An eclipse falls on your birthday, the year that follows certainly will be quite eventful. You may experience a big change in lifestyle or in one specific part of your chart. Guard your health if you are having an eclipse on your birthday, near your birthday, or on your rising sign degrees because you will be a bit more run down than usual. Try not to issue ultimatums or make big actions under an eclipse. Bide your time and act in a few weeks when there will be less static in the air. It’s best to respond to others? Messages but try not to initiate your own. Said another way, it is better to listen than to act.
Take any message you hear at the time of an eclipse seriously. There usually is no way to get a situation reversed. If someone brings news you don’t like on an eclipse realize that there is little chance you can get it reversed, at least not for four months, if ever. See the news as essentially a non-negotiable decision and try to move on.
Though many scientists argue there is no solid ground in such believes, pregnant woman for years have found faith in these precautions. The scientific argument that is easiest to give in favour of these precautions listed above is that, since “Grahan” is a phase that is anti the normal course of natural happenings, it’s bound to have ill-effects. The extent of harm caused is debatable no doubt, especially in the absence of any research or facts to support the claims made by astrologers. We still believe taking precautions is the best thing to do. I hope you have found this helpful!